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Process Design Services:

  • Process Synthesis, Selection and Conceptual Design:
    • Bench & Pilot Scale Studies.
  • Front-End Process Engineering Design:

    • Process Simulation & Optimisation.

    • Process Flow Diagram (PFD) Development.

  • Process Engineering Detailed Specification:

    • Process & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) Development.

    • Equipment Specification.

    • Hydraulics and Equipment Sizing.
  • Procedure Development, Manual Development and Training.

  • Process Integration:

    • Modify cascading energy streams' configuration for overall optimal energy utilization (e.g.:  steam re-balance to eliminate venting).

    • Modify cascading water streams' configuration to effect re-use and recycle for optimal resource utilization (e.g.:  DeltaCascade Water Pinch Analysis).


Detailed engineering utilizes broad based understanding of appropriate Codes and Standards.

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