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PIPENET  Software by Sunrise Systems:

PIPENET Software is available through DeltaCascade in Canada.  This Windows based software empowers your staff to complete piping or duct system hydraulic pressure drop calculations and equipment sizing, for compressible or incompressible fluid flow.  It enables Transient analysis for prediction and prevention of damaging water or steam hammer.   We can perform hydraulic analyses for you, or enable your in-house capability development by providing the PIPENET's software tools. 

PIPENET engineering software was originally developed at the University of Cambridge in 1979.  From 1979 until 1985 it was further developed by CADCentre.  In 1985 Sunrise Systems spun off from CADCentre.  Sunrise Systems has customers throughout the world.  Sunrise Systems' traditional customer base has been the off-shore oil industry, and PIPNET software has since been adopted by municipal, power generation, nuclear, shipbuilding and processing industries. 

Pipenet is available in three specialized modules, where each module is capable of standalone operation:

PIPENET Standard Module

PIPENET Standard Module enables flow analysis of pipe or duct networks for general applications. It models complex networks with pipes, ducts, fittings, multiple pumps, multiple pump locations, fans, filters, nozzles, orifice plates, etc.  Fluid properties for water, steam and a selection of gases are built in, and the user can enter fluid properties for custom applications.  Pressures and flow rates can be specified in any combination provided the problem is uniquely defined.  Input can be in the form of hydraulic isometrics, schematics, or text.  It can model linear, equal percentage quick opening or user-defined control valves, which control pressure, flow or differential pressure.  For fittings, complete Crane data is available to which the user can add customized data.

PIPENET Spray/Sprinkler Module:

PIPENET's Spray/Sprinkler Module helps design fire protection systems using water, complying with NFPA 13 and NFPA 15 rules.  It can be used for designing ring-mains, deluge systems, sprinkler systems, and foam solution systems.  It is intended especially for the type of fire protection systems used in process plants.   Input can be in the form of hydraulic isometrics, schematics, or text.

PIPENET Transient Module:

The PIPENET Transient Module provides a speedy and cost-effective means of in-house rigorous transient analysis. The Transient Module can be used for predicting pressure surges, calculating hydraulic transient forces and modelling control systems in flow networks.

Visit Sunrise Systems' site for more information, or, contact us directly.  Software licenses can be rental or on-time purchase for perpetual license.

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